Votes Settings

The Votes tab in the BasePress Settings page allows you to customize the voting system in your knowledge base.

Votes Settings BasePress
BasePress Votes Settings
  1. Enable article votes: This option switches votes on or off, in the front end of the website.
  2. Voting Question: Lets you specify the question that appears with the voting buttons.
  3. Hide dislike button: When enabled this option hides the dislike button. Use it if you want people only to vote when they like an article.
  4. Show votes count: Enables or disables the votes counter on the voting buttons.
  5. Show confirmation message after vote submission: Allows you to show a confirmation message after a vote submission.
  6. Vote confirmation message: Allows you to specify the vote confirmation message.The voting buttons use icons for likes and dislikes. You can change the icons using the Icons Manager, navigate to BasePress > Icons Manager.

    Read more about our Icons Manager.


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