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Under the Feedback tab in the BasePress Settings page you can enable feedback in your knowledge base articles. This feature allows visitors to send messages directly from the articles, to help improve your knowledge base documentation.


Feedback Settings BasePress


The settings for this feature are:

  1. Enable feedback: Tick this checkbox to enable the feedback option on your knowledge base articles.
  2. Form Visibility: Choose when the feedback form should be displayed. The options are “After Dislikes”, “After Likes and Dislikes”, “Always Visible”.
  3. Form Label: The title that appears at the top of the feedback form. You can change the text/message here.
  4. Include email field: When you enable this option BasePress adds new field to the form where the user can leave an email address to be contacted.
  5. Make email field required: When you enable this option a user can’t submit feedback without a user email.
  6. Email field label: This is the text/message for the label of the email field.
  7. Email field placeholder: This is the text/message we use as a placeholder in the email field.
  8. Privacy notice: This is the text/message we use to state the privacy notice related to the use of the feedback form. You can use HTML to add a link to a dedicated privacy policy in your website.
  9. Submit button text: This is the text/message that appears in the feedback submit button.
  10. Message after successful submit: This is the message that appears when the feedback submission was successful.
  11. Message after failed submit: This is the message that appears when a feedback submission failed.
  12. Send notice of new feedback to: If you want to be notified when a new feedback is submitted, list here all the emails that should be informed of the feedback.
  13. Send notice from this email: Here you can add the email from which the notification should be sent from your server. If left empty we use the default WordPress email:
  14. Notice email subject: This is the text/message used as the subject of the email sent to notify the admin of new feedback.
  15. Notice email message: This the content of the email sent as a notification of new feedback.
    There are a few placeholders to use in the email:
    {{article_title}} for the title of the article that the feedback refers to
    {{article_link}} for the link to the article
    {{feedback_text}} for the text of the feedback
    {{submitter_email}} for the email of the person that submitted the feedback if present
  16. Use reCAPTCHA: If you receive spam from the feedback form you can enable Google reCATCHA on the form. Here you can choose between checkbox and invisible reCPTCHA or none.
  17. reCAPTCHA Site KEY: Insert in this field the Site KEY to activate Google reCAPTCHA
  18. reCAPTCHA Secret KEY: Insert in this field the Secret KEY to activate Google reCAPTCHA

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