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To add Articles to the Sections in your knowledge base, head to the menu Knowledge Base > Add New.

adding Articles to your knowledge base
Articles list.

Adding articles to your KB documentation isn’t very different from adding standard posts and pages in WordPress.

There are some extra options to be aware of before publishing an article. You should remember to select the template, KB, and section the article relates to. Articles without a selected knowledge base and section aren’t visible to the public. Linking to them directly may generate a 404 error page. Articles without a selected template are displayed with a full-width template. You can select an icon for the article. If you don’t select an icon, BasePress will use the default one. Whenever the meta boxes to select the above options are not present, make sure they are enabled in the Screen options on the top right corner of the screen.

In the All Articles page, we’ve added the votes and a score based on votes and views for each article. In this way, you can keep an eye on how well articles are doing in your docs. To reset the votes and views counters use the dedicated actions in the ‘Bulk Actions‘ menu. To reset all the articles’ counters use ‘Reset all views’ or ‘Reset all votes’ bulk action with no selections.

You can filter the articles list by knowledge base or section/sub-section. Alternatively, you can sort the articles by vote scores or view counts.

Change article order

To change the order of how articles appear by default in the front end of your website go to wp-admin > Knowledge Base > Articles Order. Here you have to select the knowledge base and section the articles relate to. Afterward, you can drag and drop the articles in the order you prefer. Finally, click ‘Save Order on the top right corner of the list.

BasePress Articles Order


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