SetUp Wizard

Upon activation, you’ll automatically be redirected to the BasePress knowledge base Setup Wizard page. It will walk you through the main steps in order to to get your knowledge base up and running in no time.

What does the knowledge base SetUp Wizard do?

  • Creates an entry page with a title and slug of choice for your knowledge base
  • Sets the entry page settings for your KB
  • Creates a menu item where users can access your knowledge base if you’ve chosen to do it
  • Sets the theme you’ve selected
  • Sets your KB to work as a Single or Multiple KB depending on your choice
  • Imports demo content to create your first section and article if you’ve chosen to do it
  • Sets the widgets for Sections and Related Articles
  • Enables “build mode” if you wish so only the administrator can see the KB at the front end of the website while you’re creating the documentation for your KB

You can choose to manually set up your BasePress plugin without the Wizard. Just click on the link at the bottom of the SetUp Wizard page and follow the instructions on creating the knowledge base entry page.

If you need to re-enable the wizard you can visit BasePress > Settings and in the URL address add “&basepress_enable_wizard=1″.

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