Statistics Settings

The Statistics tab in the BasePress Settings page, allows you to personalize the stats in your knowledge base documentation.

Statistics Settings BasePress
Statistics – Settings

Statistics is a useful tool to get some extra information about your knowledge base(s). The settings are minimal, as the Statistics tool manages all the different aspects directly.

The options are:

  1. Enable Statistics: As many other features, Statistics are not enabled by default. Tick the check box to enable it.
  2. Default time range: When you visit Knowledge Base > Statistics it will show you results limited to a time interval. While you can change the interval from within the statistic page; here you can set the default interval to use when the page loads the first time.
  3. Max results to show per statistic: This is the number of the top articles to display for each statistic, like “Most Visited” articles or “Best Scored” articles, “Top Searches” etc.

    Read more about the BasePress Statistics feature.

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