Creating the Knowledge Base entry page

Creating the knowledge base entry page is the first step to manually set up BasePress. This is where your can access your documentation. BasePress uses a standard WordPress page as the entry page for the Knowledge Base Wiki. Another purpose of this page is to set the slug that the KB uses for the permalinks. The permalink slug, is also used for all the other pages in your knowledge base. You can set the slug to whatever suits your website best like: documentation, knowledge-base, docs, help etc.
If you are still using BasePress prior to version 2.7.0 you need to add the shortcode [ basepress ] to the entry page content for the knowledge base to appear.

To create a new standard WordPress page navigate to Pages > Add new in your WP admin panel. Set a title for the page and check that the slug is as you would like it to be for your knowledge base. You can now publish the page.

When your entry page is ready, add it to your menu of choice so that users can access it.

Once the page and menu links are ready, head to BasePress > Settings. Under the General tab, select the page you’ve just created from the drop down menu that appears next to the knowledge base page as shown in the screenshot below. Once done save your settings.

BasePress entry page selection
Select the entry page for the knowledge base.

You can now start creating your first  knowledge base by navigating to Knowledge Base > Manage KBs. After you’ve created  the first KB you can add sections and articles.

Please notice: Your knowledge base page will remain empty unless you’ve created at least one section with an article inside. This is to avoid any empty sections appearing in your knowledge base.

Alternatively you can choose to set up your BasePress plugin with our SetUp Wizard. It will help you to get your knowledge base wiki up and running in no time.

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