Adding Sections

Adding Sections to your documentation is simple. Head to the Knowledge Base menu > Sections. Below you see the screen that appears:

adding sections to a knowledge base
Adding sections page.

Before adding sections make sure you have created at least one Knowledge Base. The Sections page is similar to the Manage KBs page with a few differences.

Sections can have an icon and an image, they appear in different contexts at the front-end, depending on the chosen theme. The standard BasePress themes use the icons next to the section title and the image when viewing the sections in the boxed style.

To add a section to your docs, first select the KB where you want to add the section from the drop-down menu on the top. After that you can start creating the section by filling-in the form on the left side of the page.

To add a sub-section, first click on the section’s name you want to add the sub-section to. This section will be the parent section. After you’ve clicked on the section’s name the list will reload showing the sub-sections already present. You can now use the form on the left to create your sub-section.
On the top of the sections list, next to the KB drop-down menu, there is a breadcrumb that reminds you where you are in the sections’s hierarchy. Click Root to go to the main KB sections.

Each knowledge base can have multiple Sections and each section can have sub-sections.

Editing, deleting and sorting sections works in the same way as the Manage knowledge base page.

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