11+ Best WordPress Wiki Plugins


When it comes to creating any content-based websites, like a knowledge base or a Wiki website, for either company or a product, you can rely on WordPress. 

The availability of so many WordPress wiki plugins makes it easy for you to get started with your WordPress wiki website in just moments. 

Also install and activate one of the best wordpress quiz plugins for creating different types of quizzes for checking your users’ knowledge.

Listed here are some of the best knowledge base wiki plugins for WordPress, to create awesome and easy to manage wiki websites.


  1. BasePress Wiki & Knowledge base plugin
  2. Heroic Knowledge Base
  3. BetterDocs
  4. Echo Knowledge Base
  5. weDocs
  6. Encyclopedia / Glossary / Wiki
  7. DW Knowledge Base pro
  8. Yada Wiki
  9. Very Simple Knowledge Base
  10. WP Glossary
  11. Helpie WP
  12. MinervaKB

BasePress Plugin For Wiki & Knowledge Base

Best WordPress Wiki Plugins

BasePress is one of the easiest to use and simplest way to create an online knowledge base portal on WordPress. It can be installed just like any other WordPress plugin, and set up with the inbuilt wizard.

Just name your knowledge base and the slug and you are good to go. You can also create multiple knowledge bases using the BasePress plugin. 

For customization, you can choose from 3 available themes. You can set icons for each knowledge base topic and every knowledge base article. It also supports drag and drop knowledge base as well as knowledge base section re-ordering.

BasePress also has a premium plan with upgraded features for those who need advanced features. It is very easy to use and flexible WordPress Wiki Plugin that you can use to create content based websites.

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Heroic Knowledge Base & Wiki WordPress Plugin

One of the most reliable plugins for creating a knowledge base of wiki style websites is the Heroic KB plugin. You can use it as a wiki plugin by allowing multiple contributors to your knowledge base website. 

The wiki articles can be revisioned and you can view different versions of the article. It features an advanced live search for the end users to be able to easily find the information they have been looking for.  

It allows building articles with attachments and images, so that you can build in depth wiki pages with meaningful multimedia content. There is also the ability to hide and password protect the wiki articles. 

Heroic KB makes managing the content very easy with all the inbuilt features and options. It allows drag and drop content re-ordering, where you can arrange the categories your way. 

This WordPress knowledge base plugin helps you create information rich customer self support panels, or product wiki websites, that will help you save time and reduce the number of support tickets. 

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BetterDocs – WordPress Wiki Plugin

This is a WordPress plugin for documentation and Wiki websites. You can create content based websites with the available options. 

To make your website look and work the way you want, you can use the available shortcodes (with pro version) & page builder widgets. 

This WordPress wiki plugin also comes with easy customization options and advanced search features. It works well with the Gutenberg editor. 

Moreover, you can use the Elementor Page builder to create new page layouts. The WordPress wiki plugin has a premium version too, which will allow you to create multiple knowledge bases, the user roles and access control are available too. 

The WordPress knowledge base plugin also supports instant chat features through an add-on.

Get BetterDocs

Echo Knowledge Base, WordPress Wiki Plugin

This WordPress wiki plugin is easy to use and comes with a professionally designed interface. With the Echo Wiki and knowledge base plugin you get a lot of layout options

It supports organizing the categories and articles into five levels of hierarchy. It also features a speedy search bar. 

You can allow the wiki contributors to add tags to the articles to improve the search features. You can add breadcrumbs and allow/disallow comments to your documents.

With this wiki plugin, you can choose from 26 professional pre-made designs, there are color options, tabs and category focused layouts. The WordPress Wiki plugin will also automatically generate tables of content too. 

With the premium version you can add access control rules, add a module for more layout options. You can use to create multiple knowledge bases with this Wiki WordPress plugin. There are widgets and a module for article rating and feedback.

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WeDocs – Wiki Knowledge Base Plugin For WordPress

WeDocs is simply a plugin that you can use to create an online documentation website. You can create tags, with multiple settings, and shortcode options. 

You can create useful long and detailed wiki articles. You can use this plugin if you want to create a simple documentation website, or an in depth wiki website. 

WeDocs is completely free to use, and there is no premium version for it. The WordPress Wiki plugin is very easy to use and integrates well with WordPress’s inbuilt search feature. 

WeDocs also offers drag and drop sorting of the content. There are tag management features too. It is an SEO friendly WordPress knowledge base plugin.

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Encyclopedia / Glossary / Wiki WordPress Plugin

The multipurpose wiki plugin is great for building the best wiki WordPress website. It has a free and pro version, it is easy to use and allows creating an encyclopedia, lexicon, documentation, glossary, Wiki, or knowledge base.

You can choose how you want the content on your website to be sorted and listed. For a glossary based sorting it will display a prefix filter in the form of alphabets. 

You can create wiki content of different types including pages, post, media, as well as custom post types. It also features a great search feature that will auto-complete the form with search suggestions. 

You can use the widgets to display items in the sidebar. You have a unique widget to display tags and categories in your encyclopedia’s sidebar.

It will automatically discover the related articles based on common tags and display them. Automatic linking of all your items appearing in your post and page contents.

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DW Knowledge Base & Wiki Knowledge Base Plugin

This premium WordPress wiki plugin is one for you if you are looking for a tool to create a modern looking wiki site. It has clean and modern features.

This WordPress knowledge base plugin comes with flexible layouts for customization and flexibility.  It allows you to display category thumbnails as well as description.

There are features to display article statistics, and also allows article voting. You can use the widgets to display a list of categories and articles. This WordPress wiki plugin supports quick installation and setup features.

You can choose from available options for the knowledge base index page with 7 layouts.

Get DW Knowledge base

Yada WordPress Knowledge Base & Wiki Plugin

This custom Wiki WordPress plugin comes with a special wiki post type. It allows you to create and use custom tags and categories. It will also let you add an index or table of content to the articles.

It comes with two specially designed widgets that you can use in the sidebars. These two specialized widgets are provided to add more meaning to your wiki articles. One of the widgets is for showing the TOC page and a article list for a given category and the other one is for showing recent wiki articles.

It comes with custom “Add Wiki Link” and “Add Wiki Listing” button on your website. You can create wiki categories, and index.

You can also use the recent activity widget on your wiki website to show a list of the most recent wiki articles.

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Very Simple Knowledge Base

As the name suggests this one is a simple, and light weight WordPress knowledge base and wiki plugin. Most of its features are managed through widgets.

You can use this plugin to create a knowledge base, wiki, or a documentation site. Its for you if you are looking for a very simple solution to integrate into your WordPress website for a section that deals with content.

It definitely won’t come with advanced features like front end editing of the articles. You can use the short codes and add attributes to it to display the posts as well as personalize your knowledge base.

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WP Glossary – WordPress Wiki & Knowledge Base Plugin

This is a Dictionary style WordPress plugin to create wiki websites with content based articles. You can build an encyclopedia, lexicon, wiki or a knowledge base with this WordPress Wiki plugin.

It features an instant search feature with search suggestions. It is one of the best WordPress wiki plugins that offers you advanced customization options, color options, and many other styling options.

There are different short codes, to be used for different purposes. There is also a feature that allows you to show tooltip when a reader hovers over a certain phrase/word on your page.

The WordPress knowledge base plugin also allows you to choose existing post type to create your content, over the new custom introduced by the plugin, so that you can retain your comfort while creating content.

Get WP Glossary

HelpieWP – WordPress Wiki Plugin

The Helpie WP plugin can be used for knowledge bases as well as wiki websites. You can create a wiki website with multiple contributors with the inbuilt features.

There are multiple pre-designed demos to choose from. There are advanced features to keep your website organized with sharing rules and capabilities. You can use Widgets and short codes too.

For you wiki websites, you can allow your contributors and users to edit the content using a front end editing interface. The knowledge base plugin also saves revisions, allows you to browse through revisions, and even take actions through it.

It is also configured to give you several insights depending on article views, likes, search and more. It is one of the best WordPress Wiki plugins that allows you completely have the control over who can edit, publish or approve content.

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MinervaKB – WordPress Knowledge Base & Wiki Plugin

This is an advanced option to create a Wiki type WordPress website. It is a feature packed tool with inbuilt analytics if you are interested in tracking the performance of your Wiki articles.

For ease of use and access, it features a very elegant live search feature. You have plenty of features to manage how your WordPress wiki website looks and works. The WordPress Knowledgebase and Wiki plugin allows integration with different services.

It has access control features, and an included FAQs module. The Wiki WordPress Plugin comes with the feature to auto generate of table of contents.

Besides, there are plenty of features to enhance the user experience on your knowledge base or wiki website. It supports article views, likes and dislikes, with article feedback option too.

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These WordPress Wiki Plugins provide you with a superfast means to build data-rich and easily manageable Wikipedia style content based websites with WordPress.

WordPress powers about 43% of the websites on the internet because it is one of the easiest and most organized tool to create a content based website.

Moreover, to create and manage websites with WordPress you don’t need any technical expertise. Even a business owner can easily create a website of their own and manage it with the intuitive dashboard options.

Therefore, you can integrate one of these WordPress wiki plugins into your website and build a wiki website easily.

Light, Powerful and Easy to Use

If you need any help or support with our WordPress knowledge base plugin, please feel free to contact us. We are always happy to assist or listen to some useful suggestions.


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