7 Best WordPress Helpdesk Plugins (Free & Paid)


The advent of web-based technologies to solve various problems of day-to-day lives has also increased the requirement for help & support facilities to help the clients.

Creating such a help desk on WordPress is very easy considering there are so many plugins with unique and diverse features easily.

Here are some of the best free and paid WordPress help desk plugins to get started with an online help desk system quickly and easily.

Best free WordPress helpdesk plugin

When you want to build an online help desk and don’t need advanced features, you can opt for one of these free WordPress helpdesk plugins. 

These plugins with limited features have their own advantages. They are easier to manage and keep your online help desk simple. They are straightforward and designed to serve your clients with the information they need and that’s what they are best at:

Here are some of the best help desk plugins that you can easily integrate and create a basic yet fully functional help desk facility on your WordPress website. 

Awesome Support – WordPress Ticket System Plugin Free

WordPress helpdesk plugin

This is one of the Best free WordPress helpdesk plugins that stands out since its feature set is as good as premium SAAS platforms. 

Easy to install, and easy to use, this help desk and support plugin comes with a setup wizard for a quick start. It integrates seamlessly into your WordPress site and has a clean, responsive design.

The helpdesk & support ticketing plugin has a free as well as a premium version. But even the free version of this plugin comes with enough features to let you build and maintain a great help desk on WordPress. 

Even the free version supports unlimited tickets, you can register unlimited agents as well as users. You can create different departments, products and add unlimited tags. You can also create custom fields for your ticket submission form to make it more detailed. It also supports private tickets. 

The agents can allow attachments to the tickets, set allowed file types & maximum file size for the attachments. The free version also includes customizable email notifications for the agents as well as clients for a new ticket, or a reply to the ticket. It also allows using TeamViewer chat among the registered agents from the ticket pages. 

An agent can work on multiple tickets, or multiple agents can work on the same ticket, they can transfer tickets too on the free version. All these free features make Awesome support one of the most versatile tools to create a WordPress helpdesk system. 

You can upgrade to the premium version if you need advanced features like the ability for the agents and clients to be able to respond to the tickets through emails. 

Moreover, there are a number of add-ons that you can integrate with this WordPress helpdesk plugin to add new features. For example, There is an add-on for documentation, through which you can create an online wiki, knowledge base, or a technical guide section tightly integrated with Awesome support. There is an add-on for auto-replies called smart replies.

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There are many other add-ons like smart agent assignment, where the tickets are automatically routed to the relevant agents, public ticket add-ons to make the solutions available to everyone, and special add-ons for auto-closing tickets, admin reports, WooCommerce integration, canned responses, email piping, FAQs, surveys, issue tracking and much more.

There are over 32 add-ons for different purposes, and you can buy the one based on the feature you are looking to add. However, these add-ons and extensions are bundled into different premium packages and you can get a combo of them at a heavy discount.

Therefore, there is a lot of flexibility in features, as well as the pricing of this WordPress support plugin. To start with, the free version can be easily downloaded from the WordPress plugin repository and can help you get familiar with the interface.

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SupportCandy –  Best free WordPress helpdesk plugin

Another support plugin that comes with a feature list similar to the SAAS platforms like Zendesk, is SupportCandy. This All-in-One HelpDesk solution for WordPress can be used to create a useful technical support area on your website and for customer relationship based purposes.

Even though you get plenty of features for Free with the help desk and support plugin, you also have the benefit of choosing and adding more features with the premium add-ons. 

Support candy offers some of the best free WordPress helpdesk plugin features like the ability to create unlimited agents and tickets. There are  agent filters and customer filters so that the data/columns of the same ticket are different based on who is accessing it. 

The free version of the WordPress support ticket plugin supports ticket submission as guests. So people don’t necessarily need to take time to register/create an account. It supports custom fields with different types of values, and also supports agent only fields, and they can add private notes too.

Other free features are the customizable ticket submission form, advanced filters for the agents to filter the tickets from the list, and customizable email notifications for both agents and the customers. 

The advanced and paid features are available as extensions. So you can choose the feature that you want to integrate into your online support desk by buying that extension. 

Some of the awesome advanced features available as add-ons are email piping, canned responses, and the assigning agent rules so that the tickets are auto-assigned based on that. There are integrations for the knowledge base as well as FAQ section. 

One of the extensions will allow you to create user groups, so that the ticket data is shared among them where they can all raise tickets as well as view tickets raised by each other. There are special extensions for scheduling tickets, automatically closing tickets, to export tickets to CSV format, or to print them. 

There are paid extensions for timer on tickets to calculate the time spent on a ticket by an agent, advanced reports, Easy Digital Downloads so that the agents can have a look at the customer orders or licenses as well as Gravity form integration. 

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KB Support –  All-in-One HelpDesk solution for WordPress

KB support is a great combination of a WordPress support ticket plugin with knowledge base. You can create a knowledge base in accordance with the online ticketing system where the users can post their questions while the knowledge base articles are presented to see if the queries can be answered for them without having to submit the ticket. 

KB support comes with a customizable ticket submission form for the agents so that they can include all the fields relevant to the business. It also features a clean and responsive interface to create and manage tickets for the customers. The admin can also manage the customizable email templates for notifications regarding the tickets. 

It also supports guest ticket posting, and restricted access to a knowledge base for the logged in users. This ensures that the knowledge base articles are not publicly accessible. Agents can also add private notes to the tickets.

There’s also the free feature through which you can group customers where a ticket created by a member of the group can be viewed by all the members of the group. It comes with built-in spam protection features. 

Other features include agent online status tracking, and assigning more and more ticket participants for easy solutions and access. It comes with a lot of shortcodes to display the submission form, KB lists, ticket history, login/registration forms, and so on. 

The premium extensions are the integrations for WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, Zapier, and mail chimp. There are also extensions to support email signatures, canned responses, rating and satisfaction fields to the tickets for the customers to express how well they are served, and email support to fully manage tickets via emails. 

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JS support Ticket Plugin

This is a free helpdesk & support ticketing plugin to create a professional helpdesk and support system. You can create unlimited tickets and can have unlimited agents to your website. 

This is a great WordPress help desk software that will help you satisfy your customers by providing them great customer service. You can support multiple attachments and define the size and type of attachment supported. 

JS support lets you create a help desk website with powerful filters and sorting options. You can create unlimited departments and assign agents to the departments. There are automated email notifications with customizable templates. 

There are features to show ticket messages and assign colors based on the status, there is an inbuilt login form, with captcha/ReCaptcha, and custom fields. You can also set a custom email message to be sent to the visitors to acknowledge the receipt of the query. 

The WordPress support ticket plugin comes with some premium extensions that you can integrate as per your requirements. There are extensions for email piping, time tracking, advanced agent management, auto agent assignment, and much more. 

There are advanced ticket features like ticket merging, ticket tracking & overdue, ticket history, ticket auto closing and so on. The agents can create private notes pertaining to the tickets, canned responses, FAQs, admin widgets and much more.

This plugin, compared to the other WordPress ticket system plugin free, has a large number of extensions for newer and advanced features. 

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Premium WordPress HelpDesk & Support Plugin

To create a helpdesk system on WordPress, you can either opt for one of the best free WordPress helpdesk plugins and then buy the extensions separately, or just opt for a premium knowledge base and help desk plugin, with remarkable services.

KnowledgeBase Glossary, FAQ, Chatbot, and Helpdesk plugin

This is an All-in-One HelpDesk solution for WordPress, through which you can create a complete support system on your WordPress website. You can use the inbuilt features to create a knowledge base in glossary style in alphabetic order, along with FAQs and chatbot features.

You have an inbuilt knowledge base module to let you create knowledge base articles and organize them easily. You can create unlimited knowledge base articles under different categories. There are features to let the visitors upvote/downvote the articles, show related articles, and attach files to your knowledge base articles. 

The ultimate idea behind this help desk and support plugin is to reduce the number of support tickets as well to reduce the time taken to support.

There is also an FAQ module through which you can create and display accordion-style questions and answers. So you can choose to display the knowledge base articles in the standard kb form with categories or lists, or alphabetically as a glossary, or as FAQs. 

While most of the WordPress Helpdesk plugins in this list are about an advanced ticketing system, this plugin offers something different in the form of a chatbot. A chatbot can help you by answering questions of your website visitors through artificial intelligence. 

They can also send email through it, or it can integrate with Google‘s Artificial Intelligence API for AI and NLP engine DialogFlow and can help people find answers from your KnowledgeBase articles. You can also use it to get your visitors to leave their phone number and much more!

Besides that, the powerful WordPress HelpDesk & support plugin also features a great advanced search module, and supports export and import, and allows access control based on roles. 

You can Personalize your ChatBot and come with an automatic user intent detection mechanism to serve your visitors better. 

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TotalDesk – WordPress HelpDesk & Support Plugin

As the name suggests it is an all-in-one package for creating a help desk system that includes a ticketing and notification system, a live chat, a knowledge base system, and advanced reporting and integrations. 

This WordPress Help-Desk Chat Plugin allows you to create a fully functional and feature-rich knowledge base. You can choose from boxed or list layout and choose to create a FAQ based on the received queries through tickets, you can even group these into topics.

You can set custom icons for each topic. To make it even more useful there is a live search feature. You can use the available widgets, and even track views on your FAQ/articles.

The notification system will make sure that any event is not missed whenever a ticket has been created, or a reply is received, or an agent has been assigned. 

There is a live chat feature where you can initiate a chat with a new ticket or by using a ticket ID. It will allow the visitors to send a message when the assigned agent is offline. All the conversations that take place through the live chat will be saved. 

The reporting system will allow the admin reports based on tickets by agents, status, ticket type, and time ranges. 

The ticketing system features include inbox fetching from the integrated service, and comes with 3 different types of ticket forms. It also supports saving replies, and chat history.

TotalDesk is an all in one help desk solution for WordPress to create an awesome and satisfying help desk system. 

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Support Ticket Management System for WordPress

You can create a fully functional support and help desk facility on WordPress with the in-bundled awesome features. It comes with an advanced ticket management system, and can assign unlimited agents and support unlimited tickets. 

You can manage email notifications, and include a user feedback module to know what the end users think of your support system. It allows you to directly reply from an email. You can also use the FAQ module, and integrate IMAP. 

The WordPress support plugin will show you reports by graphical representation so that you can track the performance and analyze the statistics about the tickets, agents, feedback, clients, and so on. 

You can create agent groups, to keep the system well organized and enable seamless data sharing and management. So new tickets will be assigned to the agent groups or admins of such groups for assignment. There are configurable email notifications for the auto sent emails triggered on different events. 

For the end users, there are flawless registration, login and password reset features.The help desk support plugin allows you to create multi-level ticket topics. There is an included FAQ module to create a self-serving knowledge base on your site. 

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What to consider while choosing a help desk plugin for WordPress?

The list here discussed some of the free and premium WordPress Helpdesk Plugin & Customer Support Ticket Systems.

But with all the options and the variety of features each of these WordPress help desk plugins for customer support provides, you may find yourself confused on how to choose the best alternative.

Below listed are some of the factors that you should consider while choosing a plugin for WordPress help desk system. 

1) Features

Not a surprise, right? Of course the features of your WordPress helpdesk plugin matters the most. 

Ideally, you should be creating a list of all the features that you need in your WordPress based help desk website, and then evaluate the list based on the features offered by the premium WordPress helpdesk plugin & customer support ticket system that looks good to you. 

You should also have a look at the feature list to see what features are available for free and what are the features that you will have to pay for.

2) Pricing

You can decide on your WordPress support ticket plugin based on what your budget is. Different WordPress help desk and support plugins will have diverse pricing plans but you can decide based on what features are available for free and paid. 

Therefore you should have a look at what extensions you will require or if there is a discounted package for all the features that you need to add. 

The pricing can be a deciding factor for choosing the best WordPress support plugin based on what it has to offer. However, WordPress based help desk plugins are way affordable compared to the SAAS based help desk software. 

3) Interface 

The user interface of your WordPress helpdesk plugin matters. The user interface WordPress supports ticket plugin will directly contribute to the ease of use for both, the customers as well as the admins. 

Ideally, a WordPress support plugin should feature a good, easy to use form for the customers to submit the ticket, there should be a great distraction free screen for agents to work on the tickets, and overall, a great and intuitive dashboard for the admin to manage everything.  

4) Flexibility

While considering the features that you want into your WordPress based help desk website, you should also consider the features that you might want to add to your online help desk in future.

So, while choosing from one of these WordPress HelpDesk Plugins for Customer Support, you should first ensure that they come with enough flexibility to let you integrate the service you might want.

For instance, have a look at the list of extensions each of these WordPress plugins come with, this will give you a brief idea of what you can and cannot do with your help desk system. Flexibility is important when you upgrade your business features and want to focus on bettering the customer experience. 

5) Access control

A great helpdesk & support ticketing plugin is flexible in terms of access control too. It should allow you to control how and by who the tickets are accessed and viewed. 

There should be enough access control features on your help desk to allow/deny access to certain users, and even for the support agents. 

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