10 Most Powerful Knowledge Base WordPress Themes (2022 Edition)

Knowlege base WordPress Themes

The best knowledge base WordPress themes, and the features that make them the best contender in the market. 

One of the best ways to build a knowledge base is with WordPress. And since we are talking about content-based sites, WordPress is the most reliable and intuitive CMS to build an online knowledge base. 

WordPress is free, open-source, robust, easy to use and is a gift for non-technical people to create and manage a site on their own. One of the most important reasons why WordPress is great for a knowledge base website is the availability of these beautiful themes.

So to create a knowledge base on their own, all that you need is a perfect knowledge base template, that has all the features and flexibility that you need to create a knowledge base for your service or product. 

KnowHow – knowledgebase WordPress theme

Knowhow WordPress theme for knowledge base

KnowHow is one of the best knowledge base WordPress themes for documentation and online knowledge bases. 

The theme comes with all the features to help you create a well organized, easy to manage and feature-packed online knowledge repository, where the readers can effortlessly find the content that they are looking for.

The knowledge base WordPress theme supports live customization and you can also use the amazing inbuilt personalization options to match your branding. 

Besides, it also provides a lot of analytic data about the articles, the performance and user behaviour for a particular page. So as an author, or a site manager, you can easily draw conclusions about what are the readers liking and what part needs improvements. 

There are features for you to allow attachments with the articles, organize everything in order with proper categorization, drag and drop article order, to build a knowledge base where the navigation is enhanced. 

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Kbase WordPress Theme For Online Knowledge Base

Kbase WordPress theme

The kbase is a multipurpose theme and can be used to create knowledge base articles in different formats such as FAQs, simple knowledge base articles as well as support forums. 

Kbase comes with 7 different homepage demo designs. But that’s just the beginning of it. There are many different design elements to choose from. There are header styles, search types, footer types and so on. 

It provides compatibility with the visual composer page builder to allow you to create amazing designs with the drag and drop page editing options. You can also use the shortcodes to structure your content. 

When it comes to providing you with the facilities to edit and restructure your pages, the kbase WP theme has a lot of options. It also helps you focus on developing the content for your knowledge base by providing you with robust front-end and back-end editing options so that you dont have to bother about the technical details.

Besides all that, kbase also comes with an online portfolio section where you can showcase the successful implementation of your products/services, and share different models of how the users can use the knowledge in the repository to create a brilliant outcome.

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Manual – WordPress Knowledge Base Template

Online user manuals, knowledge base

As the name suggests, this is a perfect knowledge base theme for building modern, handy and easy to use online manuals. It has a combination of beautiful knowledge base features as well as those of an online help desk.

We recommend you rely on the manual knowledge base WordPress theme if you are looking for something flexible and feature-rich to build your kb with. If you want simpler solutions, we have some of them included in this list as well.

Manual also has eLearning features. So if you are looking at creating a knowledge base related to training, education, learning, tutorials or anything related to that, it can be a perfect choice for you. The Manual knowledge base theme comes with inbuilt features to build a knowledge base, FAQs, Forums, and online courses. 

With WooCommerce and inbuilt shop pages, you can effortlessly create an online store with your Manual theme. And since WooCommerce also allows you to sell downloadable products, you can create a system where the users have to pay for the content.

Manual has other interesting features where you can play with the access control. The highlight of this theme is how easy it makes drafting documentation with the features like annotations, article attachment, print version, feedback and impression count, 

This KB WordPress theme comes with many beautiful layout designs to choose from. You also can use the included visual composer page builder to create unique designs on your own.

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Flatbase – Flexible Knowledge Base Website Template

Flatbase Knowledge base WordPress theme

Flatbase is one of the simple yet most efficient knowledge base WordPress themes. It does what it is designed for, and if you are looking for a straightforward theme to get your knowledge base live quickly, Flatbase can be your preferred candidate.

With Flatbase, you have multiple demos to choose from. Therefore, you have all the design options. Besides that, you can use the intuitive theme options to edit how your website looks and works. 

The knowledge base template has a clean and modern design. And since it is a knowledge base, and nothing matters more than the articles/content on the site, there are article layout options too. There are options to display the reading time and the views on each article. 

Like most other knowledge base WordPress themes, Flatbase comes with a live search feature to make the knowledge on your website easily accessible to the end-users. 

You can display the reading time, change the typography to fit your branding, use 800+ web fonts, and integrate bbPress to create a support forum. There is a feedback option included and you also have an inbuilt FAQ module. 

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Docly – WordPress Documentation Theme

Docly Knowledge base website template

Docly is a WordPress theme for documentation and online forums or a knowledge base. It is designed to be beautifully responsive and comes with easy options to let you manage your website. 

There are different theme layouts you can choose from. The preloader will help you create a great first impression to engage your readers until the page is loaded.

Docly is a comparatively simpler theme. While there are enough options to make your website look and work the way you want, they have avoided including the complex options that might confuse you.

This knowledge base theme also allows you to choose from the dark or the light mode. It comes with WooCommerce integrated and pre-designed shop pages. You can create a support forum with the help of the bbPress plugin.

You can also use the Docly WordPress theme for documentation to create informative forums. The forums can have advanced search features, a table of content and print features as well. The WordPress theme is highly customizable and easy to use. You can easily use it to create awesome knowledge bases for your project. 

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Tiki Docs – Documentation WordPress Theme + Knowledge Base

Documentation & Knowledge base theme

Tiki docs WordPress theme comes with a lot of section designs to choose from. You can integrate them into your website, edit them and create a meaningful design on your own. This knowledge base theme enables you to do both at once – create a knowledge base, as well as a support forum.

There is a live ajax based search to make it easier for them to find exactly what they need. It also supports bbPress so that you can start using your website as a support forum as well.  

To create a custom and personalized website, you can use amazing typography. The design is user-centric and therefore utmost care has been taken to see that the site is easy to use for the users.

There is also a portfolio showcase section that can enhance the appeal of your website. With this Knowledge base theme, you can use the WP Bakery page builder, which will allow you to be a designer and design your own pages from scratch, with easy drag and drop options. 

Moreover, the theme options are intuitive and well organised so that you can easily manage your website through the backend options. And you can build a professional-looking knowledge base website, with attractive CSS3 animations, without touching a line of code.

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Wikilogy – Knowledge Base & Wiki WordPress Theme

Wiki WordPress Theme + Knowledge base Theme

The Wikilogy theme is a theme for online wikis or a knowledge centre. It allows you to create content, and present it under different topics to make them easily accessible by the end-users. 

With Wikilogy, it is possible to create encyclopedia-style content, with tables, content index, and much more. Wikilogy is a completely multipurpose theme and can be used to build a knowledge base, an online wiki, or an online news magazine website as well.

It also has a feature to let you build category-specific archives so all the relevant data can be found at one stop. Besides, if you want to create a dictionary-style information repository, you can also order your pages alphabetically. 

On the design front, you get to choose from a plethora of available theme demos to start with. All these designs are highly flexible and can be edited to create custom sites. Also included is the gallery and slider module. 

Wikilogy doesn’t just provide you with amazing features to build a website but has all the options to let you effortlessly manage your website. You can choose from unlimited font options, colours, and page layouts. 

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Infocenter – Q/A style knowledge base theme

Knowledge base WordPress theme for online kb

In some cases, a question and answer style knowledge base can be more interesting for the users than a simple article based. If you want to create a Quora style website, you can rely on the Infocenter WordPress theme.

The best thing about this knowledge base theme is: It supports both formats. You can choose to stick to normal articles to build a knowledge base or create a question and answers style knowledge base. Moreover, you can also run active support forums on your website built with the InfoCenter theme.

So this theme essentially is a combination of multiple knowledge base WordPress themes as well as support and help desk features.

InfoCenter is designed to provide the best user experience to people coming to your site and therefore, the navigation and the interface is designed keeping the needs of the readers and searchers in mind. 

There are many detailed features. For instance – Like StackOverflow, you can choose an answer as the best answer. There is also the FAQ page included and a report abuse feature. There are a lot of interesting widgets and a related articles/questions feature ensures that the readers are presented with relevant content to keep them on-site, and that makes it one of the most engaging knowledge base WordPress themes.

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Tessera – Knowledge Base WordPress Template

Tessera - Knowledge base theme

Tessera is a multipurpose, feature-packed WordPress theme that works with the efficient Elementor page builder to give you effortless website building options. 

This is one of the rare knowledge base WordPress themes designed for the entire after-sales support system. So you can build a knowledge base, a support ticket system, an FAQ section, or a support forum on your website. 

It also allows you to integrate WooCommerce to create online stores. The pages of the theme are crafted with the Elementor page builder and therefore can be edited with easy drag and drop options.

And there is a live search feature to help them easily find the answers. There are many special features like a private reply, where the replier can post a comment/answer privately so that only the admin can view it. There is a report feature for abusive and inappropriate content. 

Those who are posting answers can choose to quote the content from other users as well. To support FAQs, a premium FAQ plugin is included for free. 

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Docy – WordPress theme for documentation & Knowledge base

Knowledge base WordPress Theme: Docy for Documentation and knowledge base

Docy is one of the multipurpose and performance-optimized knowledge base WordPress themes. It comes with all the features that you will need to create efficient user support and management features. 

The Docy theme comes with a very informative and creative pre-loader, that you can use to enlighten your visitors while they wait for the page to load. The filter and search features of the theme ensure that the visitors find what they are looking for, very effortlessly. 

The WordPress knowledge base theme also comes with a lot of miscellaneous features like a feedback system where the visitors can express if the content was useful or not. The users also have the choice to manage the size of the fonts through a button and print the document. 

This knowledge base WordPress theme comes with about 40 pre-designed pages and is highly customizable. You can create intuitive articles by including tabs, notes, accordions, lightbox, tooltips and carousels.

Docy is performance-optimized and highly customizable and has a customer-centric designed that keeps your content and the readability at centre. 

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You can opt for a knowledge base plugin instead

An easy alternative to the WordPress knowledge base template using a knowledge base plugin. Plugins are lightweight and can be easily integrated into your theme to add more features to it.

Best instances where you can use a WordPress plugin instead of a WordPress Knowledge base theme:

  1. You want to create a small knowledge base section on your existing WordPress website
  2. Or when you want to build a custom knowledge base with WordPress but don’t want to install a theme for it

The Free BasePress WordPress plugin

Knowledge base plugin

The BasePress plugin is one of the easiest ways to build a feature-packed and fully functional knowledge base on WordPress without having to buy one of these premium knowledge base WordPress themes.

It is free to download and use, and works with almost every well-coded WordPress theme without any conflicts. There is a premium version too, but you can upgrade to it if you need some advanced features in the future.

The BasePress plugin comes with all the features to let you build multiple knowledge bases. Each of these knowledge bases can have its own topics (or categories) and under each category, you can post an unlimited number of articles.

There are 4 different knowledge base styles to choose from. Moreover, the admin options available with the knowledge base plugin are so intuitive, that you can easily manage your knowledge base anytime you want.

You can use this plugin to create an online wiki or a feature-rich online knowledge base.

Wrapping up

It is easy to create a knowledge base once you have picked the perfect knowledge base theme/plugin for you.

But before deciding on the buy now button, you should be sure of what you want from your website. Since the features and flexibility of these Knowledge base WordPress themes range from just basic, where you can simply change the colours, fonts, and section designs, to highly flexible, where you can effortlessly change the entire structure of your site.

So before choosing a theme, you must be clear about the desirable features in it. Once you download and install the knowledge base theme, you can start updating the content and get your website live in no time.

Light, Powerful and Easy to Use

If you need any help or support with our WordPress knowledge base plugin, please feel free to contact us. We are always happy to assist or listen to some useful suggestions.


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