30+ Best WordPress Wiki Themes & Knowledge Base Themes

The best Wiki WordPress Themes to build awesome online wiki sites or knowledge base websites.

WordPress is the best choice to create an online Wikipedia-like website since it is a content Management system and one of the best platforms for publishing blogs/articles or content in any form. However, to create a WordPress wiki website, you will need a feature-packed and clean wiki WordPress theme. 

A Wiki website can be effortlessly created using one of these premium knowledge base and documentation themes, but the applications and advantages are plenty.

Such an information repository makes the information about your product/service/company/software handier for the end-users and it helps enhance user satisfaction. Also, such self-serving knowledge base platforms will reduce the wait times and the gap between you and your customers. 

If they have a question about your services, they know that they have a reliable resource that they can access anytime in form of your wiki website. It significantly reduces the time and effort required by them to send a query and receive a response. Instead, they have the answers just a few clicks away.

Moreover, these are some of the best WordPress Wiki Themes that you can use to effortlessly launch your online knowledge base and start adding informative articles right away:

Knowledge Press: Knowledge Base & Wiki WordPress Theme

Knowledge Press: Knowledge Base & Wiki WordPress Theme

This is one of the pretty WordPress knowledge base themes that supports a video header and comes with the classic, search bar on the banner feature. It will enable your visitors to right away, key in the keywords, and find the relevant answers.

It supports all the basic features that are desirable for a wiki website like breadcrumb navigation, article voting, author bio, and drag and drop category as well as knowledge base article reorder. Live search which is one of the most important features for such websites, is also supported along with search analysis, and live search widgets. 

The KnowledgePress WordPress theme comes with some awesome widgets and supports Visual composer for drag and drop page building. It also supports the FAQ plugin, to create accordion-style sections for addressing the common queries. 

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Flatbase – Knowledge Base WordPress Theme + Wiki WordPress

Flatbase - Knowledge Base WordPress Theme + Wiki WordPress

Flatbase is a clean and modern WordPress theme for wiki websites that comes with over 30+ different demo designs to choose from. The theme features a live search right on the homepage.

The WordPress wiki theme supports multiple article styles. They can be liked, and it also supports the reading time tracking to show how long it takes to read an article. Moreover, the articles can be sorted by the number of likes they have.  

The WordPress themes for FAQs and documentation helps you create awesome accordion or list styles question and answer section or pages. For customizing the theme, you have a collection of custom widgets that can be placed where and as you want. There is a rich options panel to manage how the wiki website looks and works, and it also supports live customization and over 800 web fonts. 

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Knowhow – best WordPress knowledge base and Wiki themes

Knowhow - best WordPress knowledge base and Wiki themes

If you are looking for a straightforward Knowledge Base & Wiki WordPress Theme, KnowHow is recommended. It comes with a set of features that are essential for creating an in-depth information repository while avoiding the extra decorative features that you might not be looking for.

It features an Ajax-powered live search system for providing your customers with quick answers. There is also an easy way to create and submit articles on the online knowledge base for authorized users. It also comes with a ready-to-go FAQ template.

There are two custom widgets for displaying the latest articles as well as the most popular articles, along with other customization features. You can also set the color of the theme with the help of a color picker. 

The feature that stands out with this Encyclopedia WordPress theme is the video post format support, where you can upload videos, or embed from YouTube or Vimeo.

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Manual –  Documentation & WordPress Wiki Theme

Manual -  Documentation & WordPress Wiki Theme

The Manual is a WordPress theme to create online documentation, FAQs, Wiki, and Forums with WooCommerce support. 

You can use this best WordPress knowledge base and Wiki theme for creating a detailed knowledge base or online documentation website or a website for training institutes, schools, colleges, or any such online learning system. 

There are different demos for the WordPress Wiki Theme for different purposes like Forums, Online LMS, consulting, eCommerce, gaming, or software documentation. It comes with some of the useful premium plugins included like visual composer, slider revolution, etc. 

 This WordPress knowledge base theme is multipurpose with a wide variety of functions. There are features to control access on your site so that you can keep the content public or private. It supports Elementor, bbPress, Contact form 7, LearnPress, and so on. 

It also includes an LMS to create an online learning system. Therefore you can have a complete knowledge base with articles along with an eLearning platform.

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Docly – Documentation And Knowledge Base WordPress Theme 

Docly - Documentation And Knowledge Base WordPress Theme 

This helpdesk WordPress theme is awesome for creating documentation and knowledge base websites. You can choose from the dark or light mode for your website. It has an interesting, modern, and highly customizable design. 

It features a pre-loader that can be set to display useful information or fact while the content is still loading, which is vital to keep your visitors interested while waiting for their information to appear on the screen. 

It supports creating user forums on your website and also features an advanced topic filtration system so the visitors can easily find the relevant data. You can create articles that have font size options, are printable, and have an automatically generated Table of contents. 

You get this theme with a wide range of pre-designed inner pages, and content styles by supporting tabs, alerts, messages, notes, accordions, tooltips, lightbox, carousels, as well as article feedback options. 

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Knowledge Base WordPress Theme For Wiki Websites

Knowledge Base WordPress Theme For Wiki Websites

Create an awesome knowledge base website with WordPress using this Knowledge base WordPress theme. It includes a full-width layout to let you create informative articles and FAQ templates too. 

The wiki, blog, and encyclopedia WordPress theme comes with an ajax based contact form and six custom widgets. There are four color skins you can choose from, text color options, background, and other customization options available at the backend of the theme. 

You can choose from the available 3 different homepage templates, and get started very quickly with your new article-based website. 

You can integrate the WP Live chat plugin for the live chat features. The wiki theme for WordPress also supports bbPress to let you create your own support or discussion forums. 

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Wikilogy WordPress theme For Knowledge Base

Wikilogy WordPress theme For Knowledge Base

The Wikilogy is a WordPress wiki and blog theme for creating awesome content-based websites. It comes with a unique layout compared to the other Wiki Themes in this list and can be conveniently used as a blogging theme. 

This wiki, blog, and encyclopedia WordPress theme is ideal for creating websites where you want to regularly generate and publish content. It comes with awesome page designs to get you started quickly and easily. 

You can integrate the WPBakery page builder for drag and drop content creations and ease of building layouts. The advanced theme options will help you maintain and control how the WordPress wiki and blog theme works. There are unlimited layouts, colors and fonts, dynamic image sizing, widgets, and sidebar options.

It provides compatibility with contact form 7, mail chimp, and WPML for multilanguage translations. There is advanced search and navigation features too and an advanced search system. 

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KnowAll – WordPress Theme for Knowledge base and Help Desk

KnowAll - WordPress Theme for Knowledge base and Help Desk

KnowAll is a premium WordPress Theme for Wiki and Knowledge Base Websites. The WordPress knowledge base theme is easy to customize and maintain with a live customizer included. 

The WordPress Wiki Theme features a live search to help visitors find answers easily. It also supports article attachments, in form of downloadable content with the articles. It supports drag and drop articles and category re-ordering. 

You also get actionable analytic data to improve the content on your knowledge or wiki-based website. There are also feedback features for articles where your visitors can actually express whether they were useful or not. 

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KBase  – Theme for wiki, help center, or documentation

KBase  - Theme for wiki, help center, or documentation

This customer support WordPress theme is a great helpdesk, customer forums, documentation, online wiki websites, knowledge base, or a help center website. 

You can create a document library or content resource website for your service or organization with a theme that has a modern and beautifully clean design. There are 7 picture-perfect demos to choose from. 

This WordPress theme for wiki websites offers a lot of different design variations for header styles, search bar format, footer styles, article design, and article and category listing formats. It supports both, backend and front end editing to let you easily manage the layouts. 

It also comes with an inbuilt portfolio building option. Also, the Wiki and Documentation WordPress Theme lets you have a lot of variations in how you create and style your content. There are shortcodes and widgets, custom post formats, carousels, separators, charts, tooltips, and a lot more.

We recommend getting this WordPress Theme for the Knowledge base and Help Desk if you are looking for a lot of flexibility in terms of design so that you can try out your creativity as a website designer, without touching a line of code.  

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WikiPress –  WordPress Theme for Wiki Websites

WikiPress -  WordPress Theme for Wiki Websites

WikiPress is a unique WordPress theme for creating a company wiki, knowledge base, documentation, or a help center website. 

The front-end content creator is the highlight of the Wiki WordPress Theme. The powerful front-end options work not just for building content, but also for managing various aspects of your Wiki website. 

This WordPress theme for knowledge base websites also comes with a system that will automatically generate hierarchical navigation based on the categories under which the new articles are submitted. 

Moreover, the Knowledge Base & Wiki WordPress Theme is customizable enough and easy to maintain and manage. 

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Knowledge Guru – Theme for wiki, help center or documentation

Knowledge Guru - Theme for wiki, help center or documentation

Knowledge Guru is a highly customizable WordPress wiki theme, for creating an article directory or information repository. 

This Gutenberg-ready WordPress knowledge base theme comes with Gutenberg blocks to help you create content through the new powerful WordPress editor. It also features a live search that searches not just the wiki articles but also the FAQs so that the user intent is satisfied.

It is one of the Top Rated Knowledge Base themes is optimized for speed and performance, supports unlimited and sticky sidebars. The advanced theme options panel and other features of the wiki website template make sure you get enough flexibility to personalize your site. 

The homepage supports multiple types of document listing layouts that you can choose from. There are multiple search box designs that support live search. You can also track the reading time, and choose from the available pagination styles. 

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Docy – WordPress Wiki Theme 

Docy - WordPress Wiki Theme 

Docy is recommended for creating documentation and a forum-style website where people can look for information and articles with an awesome inbuilt live search feature. 

The design of this wiki, blog, and encyclopedia WordPress theme is eye-pleasing, and it supports a dark/light mode for the knowledge base. The theme comes with more than 40 inner page designs. It supports one page as well as multipage documentations as well as customer feedback at the end of each document to see if the information was helpful or not. 

The Docy WordPress theme for documentation and support is speed and performance-optimized. You also have the inbuilt ability within the Wiki theme to add lightbox, tooltips, carousels, alerts, and special messages or notes into your knowledge article. 

An interesting feature of this theme is the dynamic pre-loader, where you can serve the visitors with an interesting detail like a “did you know” quote, or a fact, while their page is loading. As minor as this feature seems, it can leave a very nice impression where the visitors are continuously served with information and kept interested even when their page is yet to be loaded. 

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Lore – WordPress knowledge base theme

Lore - WordPress knowledge base theme

Lore is a clean WordPress Theme for Knowledge base and Help Desk that you can use for online help centers, documentation, or support forum websites. 

The knowledge base WordPress theme supports 3 post formats: blog, FAQs, and knowledge base. You can integrate the popular bbPress plugin to support online forums. Lore KB theme also supports Gutenberg for building content through the new content editor.

The Knowledge base WP theme is ideal for you to build straightforward content-based websites. There are customization options and theme options that you can use to customize your site. However, you can also use the WPBakery page builder or the Elementor plugin to create your own layouts with drag and drop options.

For high-level advanced code customization, Lore comes with a child theme included, in case you want to do more with your knowledge base website.

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Tikidocs – Knowledge base, documentation & Wiki Themes

Tikidocs - Knowledge base, documentation & Wiki Themes

Tikidocs is a knowledge base and forums WordPress theme for effective content-based websites. It comes with a beautiful and highly customizable design so that you can use it for creating awesome wiki websites with WordPress. 

It is packed with awesome section designs for you to choose from. You can therefore easily create layouts that can be perfect for your purpose. The Forum WP theme supports the bbPress plugin to let you create meaningful customer forums. 

The Knowledge base theme is optimized for speed and performance. It also features an advanced live search and creation of professional-looking portfolio pages. 

Readability is always at the center of a content-based website and therefore the knowledge base theme comes with options to manage the typography of your site. 

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InfoCenter – Knowledge base & Wiki Theme

InfoCenter - Knowledge base & Wiki Theme

This is a professional-looking question and answers WordPress theme that can be used to create a knowledge base, documentation sites, forums, or Q&A websites. It is an SEO-friendly WordPress theme, designed to enhance the user experience on a help center type website. 

The feature that makes it stand out among these WordPress wiki themes is that it supports question & answer, where different users can register and post their answers while the question’s author can choose the best answer or report abuse, just like stack overflow, or Microsoft forums. The question author can also include a video if he wants. 

The Q&A WordPress theme comes with a lot of pre-designed page layouts that you can use as it is or customize to fit your purpose. The theme is also packed with more than 10 useful widgets. 

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Sentric – Support, Knowledge Base & FAQs Theme

Sentric - Support, Knowledge Base & FAQs Theme

This is a WordPress wiki theme for a knowledge base, support forum, or a question and answer website. The inbuilt support forum features are that a topic/question can be marked as pending, resolved, unresolved, assigned to a staff, or as not a support topic.

 There are also search features to let the visitors know if their queries are already solved and answered in the support forum.

Besides, the knowledge base module lets you create a resourceful article directory website where the visitors can upvote the articles if they are helpful. All of this can be managed with easy intuitive options. You can also easily create and publish FAQs. 

The Wiki and Documentation WordPress Theme also supports a lot of widgets and shortcode generators. It also supports various post formats including videos and galleries. Another special feature about this theme is the forum monitor page that allows the admin to check for the status of forum topics so that they can be resolved actively. 

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KnowBase –   Knowledge Base, Faq, Wiki & Helpdesk 

KnowBase -   Knowledge Base, Faq, Wiki & Helpdesk 

Knowbase is a helpdesk and bbPress WordPress theme. Optimized for readability, the powerful  WordPress knowledge base and Wiki theme let you manage your online knowledge base easily with intuitive backend options.

The SEO-friendly theme supports Contact Form 7 to create a contact form or a query submission form. The plugin is easy to use and lets you build simple or complex forms for your WordPress websites. 

It comes with many pre-designed page layouts and lets you create a complex knowledge base website using the basic WordPress posts formats. The Knowbase WordPress theme is powerful and feature-packed in what it does. 

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Tessera –  Knowledge Base & Wiki Theme

Tessera -  Knowledge Base & Wiki Theme

This is a modern WordPress theme for support forums, knowledge base, FAqs, and document wiki websites. It provides all these features by supporting the best plugins for these features. 

You can integrate the bbPress plugin for forums on your website and the Awesome support and it also allows you to import tickets from the help desk platforms like Zendesk, Helpscout, and Ticksy. Also, the bundled FAQ plugin lets you create professional-looking sections to address the frequent questions.  

The knowledge base module supports article-like as well as dislike features. Moreover, the Tessera theme is built based on the Elementor plugin and comes with custom Elementor widgets that make the theme design highly flexible. 

The knowledge base theme is also compatible with WooCommerce for eCommerce features on your website, MailChimp, and Contact Form 7. 

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Help Guru – WordPress Theme for Support & Helpdesk

Help Guru - WordPress Theme for Support & Helpdesk

The HelpGuru, as the name suggests is a helpdesk WordPress theme that you can use to create knowledge bases WordPress and WordPress forums. It comes with all the desirable features packed which ensures that you won’t have to look for additional addons to get more features.

It features a live advanced search for helping the customers find the topic of their interest instantly.  Moreover, on the knowledgebase, you can create unlimited categories, and post detailed articles with the feature to receive feedback from the readers. You can also attach downloadable files with these articles to serve as the help material. 

It also supports drag and drop articles as well as category re-ordering. The customization options are unlimited and easy to use. The WordPress wiki theme is SEO friendly and aims at helping you create a self-serving wiki platform that reduces the number of support tickets and customer queries. 

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TechDesk – WordPress Wiki Theme

TechDesk - WordPress Wiki Theme

This is a help desk, knowledge base, and FAQ WordPress theme for creating information repositories that help your customers find answers easily. It features 10 custom widgets, 5 widgetized areas, and 5 different post formats for creating help articles. 

It is optimized for speed and performance to make sure the visitors get the best experience when on your website. It comes with an inbuilt FAQ system to let you create awesome sections with accordions to add the frequently asked questions. 

The WordPress Wiki theme has a minimal design, is retina-ready, and is fully customizable to fit your purpose. 

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Knowledge Desk – WordPress Knowledge Base & Wiki Theme

Knowledge Desk - WordPress Knowledge Base & Wiki Theme

Knowledge Desk is one of the feature-rich and best Wiki and Documentation WordPress Themes for your knowledge base websites. It looks appealing because of the modern and clean design, and the animated page elements, and responsive tabs.

The knowledge Desk WordPress theme has 7 pre-designed, professional-looking homepage designs. There are also over 50 section design templates that you can use and re-use for different purposes on different pages. You can choose to build pages with one, two, or three columned layouts. 

The knowledge base articles support voting and feedback for negative votes. It also features a form that lets the reader suggest a question that has not been addressed by the knowledge base yet. It also features a drag and drop file attachment wizard. Also available is a bulk edit and update option. 

For customizing your knowledge base websites, there are unlimited color options, widgets, custom CSS, custom shortcode editor, and much more. It also supports WooCommerce and  WPBakery page builder which comes included along with a few premium and useful addons for the plugin.

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Choosing from the best WordPress Wiki Themes

Besides helping you reduce the number of tickets, there are so many advantages of maintaining a Wiki website.

The more information you put out, about your service or product, the more reliable and trustworthy it could sound to the potential clients. They know there is a portal where they can find information.

Moreover, using WordPress for maintaining a wiki or knowledge base website is ideal because it is so easy to maintain and manage content with the WordPress framework. All you have to do is pick a perfect WordPress wiki theme for your purpose and you are good to go!

Light, Powerful and Easy to Use

If you need any help or support with our WordPress knowledge base plugin, please feel free to contact us. We are always happy to assist or listen to some useful suggestions.


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