Top 12: Best Knowledge Base Plugins for WordPress – features, and pricing

Best Knowledge Base Plugin for WordPress

A knowledge base plugin for WordPress will let you create a knowledge repository on your WordPress site. 

This can be an internal knowledge base for the use by the employees associated with the business, or an external knowledge base plugin for a knowledge repository that is created to support the employees as well as the customers. 

There are several Free or Premium knowledge base plugins for WordPress that you can integrate into your WordPress website just like any other WordPress plugin. 

It is supposed to add a new knowledge base section to your site and provide you with tools and features to create and manage a knowledge base. 

The knowledge base plugin can be used for:

  • A documentation section & FAQs
  • User manual for products with help articles
  • Company wiki
  • An internal or external help desk for customer support
  • eLearning platform for Schools and colleges
  • Service or product documentation
  • Government guidelines, standards, and policies
  • Troubleshooting guides

The applications of such knowledge base plugins can be unlimited because each of these tools comes with settings and options that define how much you can customize and manage a knowledge base made using them.

Why should you have a knowledge base?

A knowledge base is a repository of knowledge resources that can be either for the internal or external use of the organization.

 1) Availability

A knowledge base is available 24X7 and the customers can browse and find their answers anytime they need. Most businesses are now global and the service times for support requests may be impacted due to the time zone differences. 

Here, a  knowledge repository with stored and reusable knowledge can be very useful since people get solutions to their queries quickly and easily.

2) Quick solutions

Waiting for finding or receiving answers is frustrating for customers. Especially for frequently asked questions or common queries. 

A knowledge base is one of the most efficient ways of customer support because it totally eliminates the time limitations and constraints. The clients/customers looking for answers can easily find them through the knowledge base, just with a few clicks. 

3) Self-service & customer satisfaction

A great aid to customer support by reducing the time and resources needed since the customers can find the required answers themselves easily. 

They can just key in their question in the search bar and find all the related help in a simpler way than having to type an email and wait for a response for even smaller queries. 

4) Support resources

The documentation & FAQs are great support resources, easily accessible and detailed. The answers by the support personnel can vary from time to time, and be more or less detailed.

 But the support articles can be in-depth, have information in different forms like audio, video, infographics, images, and gifs. Moreover, they can come interlinked with different knowledge base articles that can help improve the overall customer satisfaction. 

Therefore, a knowledge base can be vital to your business organization in many ways. The following are the Best knowledge base plugins for WordPress that you can use to create an external or an internal knowledge base.

BasePress Knowledge Base Plugin For WordPress

Knowledgebase documentation and wiki plugin - BasePress

BasePress is a knowledge base documentation & wiki plugin which you can use to create and manage a documentation or help section on your WordPress website.

The advanced knowledge base plugin can be easily integrated with any WordPress theme and will install tools and features to help you manage the knowledge base and make it available for the audience. 

This best knowledge base plugin for WordPress can be downloaded for free and used to create an internal or external self-help knowledge repository. However, for advanced features like tags, multilanguage support, and so on, you may have to upgrade to a premium plan.

Basepress is easy to use and highly customizable. There are 3 themes for you to choose from, and the programmers can use the templates for higher customizations. 

You can install this WordPress Knowledge base plugin with a dedicated setup wizard, and create as many independent knowledge bases. 

You can easily organize the content of each knowledge base classified on the basis of product, service, department, etc. The resultant knowledge base will be SEO-friendly and responsive. 

Basepress makes the results more relevant to the queries of the customers by providing an entry page where they can select what they are looking for, to provide quick and precise information. 

Pricing: Free & Premium

Free Features of the BasePress Knowledge Base Plugin include the following features:

  • The ability to create a single or multiple knowledge base. 
  • It also includes an entry page where the visitors can choose the knowledge base they want to consult. 
  • You can create unlimited sections, with boxed or list layouts. 
  • Search bar with live results & a shortcode to add to anywhere in your website
  • There are widgets:  for the knowledge base, related articles, section widgets, and so on.
  • You can Translate the knowledge base manager manually with the help of included .pot files
  • Three themes, customization options, and color branding options
  • Reorder your knowledge bases or sections with drag and drop options
  • Image & description for each of the knowledge bases & Image, icon, and description for each section to make it more intuitive and reader-friendly.

With these free features available with the free version of the Basepress Knowledge Base Plugin for WordPress, you can create a fully functional and professional-looking knowledge base, with easy and intuitive options.

Download BasePress Knowledge base plugin for Free

Premium Features

Even though the free features of the base press knowledge base plugin are enough, these are some premium features that you might like to include, to upgrade the user experience.

  • Voting for articles, and advanced search results based on article votings and visits
  • The popular articles widget based on article visits and voting
  • Drag and drop reorder for the articles too
  • Better navigation with next and previous buttons
  • Advanced access control by restriction content based on user roles
  • Add tags to the articles for better categorization and search results
  • Automatic Table of Contents generator for articles
  • Multisite support
  • Knowledge base statistical reports for tracking and optimization
  • Shortcode editor to add dynamic lists of articles outside the knowledge base
  •  Feedback feature with Google reCaptcha on the article feedback form
  • Supports integration with WPML, SearchWP, Oxygen Visual Site Builder via add-ons. 

You can get the Pro features for $279 with one year of priority support and updates, to use it on up to 5 sites. 

However, if you only want to use it on one site, and don’t need the priority support, you can opt for the Essential plan at $75 which still provides you with similar features.

The Elite plan, which has all the features that Basepress premium knowledge base plugin has to offer, comes with custom service where they will customize the knowledgebase to fit your branding, and also set up and create a sample knowledgebase for you. The license allows you to use the plugin on up to 10 sites, and it also gives you access to complete source code. 

Get BasePress premium


WeDocs is one of the simplest and free Knowledge Base plugins, that you can use for creating user manuals or online documentation for your products or services.

WeDocs comes with all the tools to create and manage documents for your WordPress knowledge base. You can host articles, add or remove them and organize them with tags.

It also allows you to import documents from external sources into your WordPress knowledge base.

The WeDocs plugin comes with a simple interface and works with almost all premium themes. 

This Knowledge Base documentation & wiki plugin can be used for a simple documentation section for small businesses. 

It is a simple plugin and does not come with advanced features like high customization features, templates, or access control. But you can easily integrate it into your WordPress theme to add a documentation center or article repository for your WordPress site. 

Download WeDocs

Heroic:  Best Documentation & Knowledge Base Plugin 

Heroic Knowledge Base is one of the most popular as well as powerful WordPress knowledge base plugins. It is designed for a faster resolution of customer queries through a detailed documentation center.

The Heroic KB comes with a developer-friendly architecture and is compatible with the best premium WordPress themes. It also comes with a template-based structure with filters & codes & integration notes that makes it most flexible.

The idea and features of the Heroic Knowledge base WordPress plugin are to reduce the time and effort required to respond to the same questions time and time again. 

No Free/trial version

Unfortunately, Heroic KB doesn’t offer a free version of the plugin. However, you can test drive the software by trying their demo. They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee where you can request a refund if you are not fully satisfied with the product.

Premium features:

The advanced knowledge base plugin comes with some admirable features to help you build professional internal or external knowledge bases. The following are some of the awesome features of the plugin:

  • It features a fast & efficient  AJAX search for quick and relevant results
  • Supports Article versioning with revisions
  • Allows creating unlimited article categories as well as tags
  • Heroic allows attaching images and downloadable files to the articles
  • Article feedback feature to let the readers/users leave their reviews and use it to improve the quality of content
  • Analytic tools to track the efficiency of articles as well as the knowledge base as a whole
  • Drag and drop content ordering for better delivery and priority sorting
  • Allows downloadable attachments that with the knowledge base articles
  • Widgets specific to article, categories, and authors
  • Supports custom slugs and permalinks
  • Access control with password protection feature and hide article

You can get all these features of the Heroic knowledge base plugin, with a license that allows you to use it on 1 site with one year of support and updates, at $129 with the Heroic plus plan.

Heroic KB Plus comes with search analytics and article feedback features, with a license to use the knowledge base WordPress plugin on 3 sites. 

The Heroic KB Pro plan has all these features, along with support for Slack, Help Scout, and gravity forms integration, with a license for up to 5 sites at $379. 

Heroic KB is used by many of the leading businesses like Airbnb, Jetpack CRM, Pagely, and so on.

Get heroic Knowledge Base plugin

Echo knowledgebase for Documentation and FAQs

Echo Knowledgebase for documentation and FAQs is one of the best WordPress knowledge base plugins that are free to download and very easy to use. 

You can create a simple knowledge repository with the free version and use the advanced features(by adding addons) to create a complex, multi-dimensional knowledge base. 

  • Comes with some ready-to-use design templates that you can choose from
  • The knowledge base manager allows you to arrange your categories/articles with a five-level hierarchy. 
  • Choose from over 26 professional pre-made designs and color options, styles, and layout options. 
  • This Knowledge Base documentation & wiki plugin comes with a front-end editor to let you easily customize your knowledge base to match your theme’s appearance. 
  • There are features to let you organize your content with tabs for teams, products, or services and choose from basic, tabs, and category-focused layouts
  • You can add tags, breadcrumb, back button, and comments to your documents to make them more useful. 
  • Custom images for categories and article counter for categories
  • Setting the length of the list of articles under each category and customizable article slug
  • Comes with an automatic table of content generator
  • The plugin even supports RTL mode and WPML integration for multi-lingual documentations.
  • You can use the shortcode and templates designed for FAQs
  • The Elementor knowledge base plugin is compatible with the Elementor page builder and works with Divi, Beaver builder, and visual composer

This Wp knowledgebase plugin comes with all the basic and essential features to create a knowledge base for free. 

And one of the interesting specifications of this advanced knowledge base plugin is that instead of different pricing plans, it allows you to choose from available add-ons to add a specific feature to your WordPress knowledge base.

Download Echo knowledge base

Add-ons for Echo Knowledge base plugin

You can add new features to your Knowledge base for documentation & FAQs by integrating the following add-ons targeting specific features:

Access Manager: It helps you with access control to grant and restrict access to their WordPress private Knowledge Base based on WordPress user accounts, roles, and groups.

Multiple Knowledge bases: Create different and unique knowledge bases for each product or service or department. Each of these knowledge bases can have a different set of articles, URLs, main page, and admin controls. 

Advanced search: With better search experience for users and also includes search analytics for popular and no search for articles. 

Article rating and feedback: This allows the readers/users/clients to add ratings and leave insightful feedback on your website. 

Widgets: A pack of widgets like Knowledgebase search, most recent articles, and other widgets and shortcodes to use in different parts of the knowledge base.

Elegant layouts: Adds more layout options to your KB. It allows you to add Grid and Sidebar Layouts.

Links Editor for PDFs and More: You can link the articles to PDFs, pages, posts, and websites

Articles Import and Export: This is the addon for portability. You can import & export articles with all their details, migrate or copy them, even outside WordPress. 

Echo Knowledge base pro bundle:

This includes a bundle of add-ons for the echo knowledge base WordPress plugin with a variation for 1 site, 3 sites, or 10 sites license.

The basic addons plan includes Elegant Layouts, Link Editor, Widgets, Ratings & Feedback add-ons at $46 for one site license, for the first year, $110 for 3 site license, and $345 for 10 site license. 

Then is the professional plan that includes – all that is included in the basic plan (Elegant Layouts, Link Editor, Widgets, Ratings & Feedback) plus Multiple Knowledge Bases, and Advanced Search for $89 for the first year, $214 for 3 site license, and $668 for 10 site license. 

For an advanced knowledge base, you can go for the Access control plan, which includes all the addons, along with access manager, knowledge base groups, and custom roles to manage how the knowledge base is accessed for $170 for the first year, $408 for 3 site license, and $1275 for 10 site license.

Better Docs WordPress Knowledge Base Solution

Create in-depth documentation to help aid your customer support and improve customer satisfaction with the self-serving information portal. BetterDocs is one of the Best Documentation & Knowledge Base Plugins.

The WP knowledge base plugin is easy to use and integrate on your WordPress website. 

  • To start with you get the customizable template designs for the documentation entry page, the article design, and the archive page.
  • You can use the inbuilt customization options, shortcodes, and page builder widgets at different locations on your page.
  • Auto generated table of contents
  • Knowledge base roles and access control features
  • Allows integration with Analytics, to help you view reports and draw insights
  • Integrated live search for quick & efficient results for the entered keywords
  • Complete compatibility and dedicated Gutenberg blocks for betterdocs, for easy knowledge base building.

BetterDocs Pro

You will need to upgrade to the premium paid version of the WordPress Knowledge Base Plugin if you want to create multiple knowledge bases and some other features.

  • With the pro version, you can create dedicated knowledge bases for different products or services or departments.
  • The instant answer bot features a chat window from where the visitors can instantly search and find answers
  • Create a private knowledge base by restricting the access to certain users to create an internal knowledge base
  • Elementor support: you can design the multiple knowledge bases with the Multiple KB widget for Elementor

The single site license for the Betterdocs plugin is available at $69 with 1-year support and updates, and a 25% discount on renewal. The small business plan with unlimited site support also comes with 1-year support & updates with a 25% renewal discount at $149. The Agency plan at $299 with unlimited site support and lifetime access, support & updates. 

Very Simple Knowledge Base Plugin WordPress

As the name suggests, this is a simple and straightforward knowledge base plugin for WordPress. It lets you create an article repository, with easy shortcodes.

You can use this plugin for creating a company wiki, product manual, software documentation or similar purposes.

It functions in a very simple method:

  • You can add and organize the knowledge base’s appearance by using shortcodes to display the list of articles and categories. 
  • For customizing your knowledge base, you can use shortcodes with specific attributes.
  • There are options to display the lists by post tags, or custom post types

It will allow you to create articles and posts and add tags, but there isn’t an admin dashboard or settings page to manage the articles. 

You can display them on a page using widgets and shortcodes. 

However, this plugin is for those who want to create a basic knowledge base without many customization plans. Because there is no interface for customizing the layout or colors of the knowledge base. They can only be changed by using custom CSS. 

Download Very Simple Knowledge base plugin

Helpie WP Knowledge Base Plugin WordPress

This WordPress documentation plugin and knowledgebase manager is ideal for integrating a documentation section on your WordPress website or creating an article base.

The knowledge base management plugin comes with an easy-to-use interface as well as advanced features to let you create a fully functional external or internal knowledge base. 

To start with, this plugin comes with different demo designs to configure how your knowledge base or the help center looks. 

And it is a multi-dimensional plugin, that can be used as a wiki, knowledge base, or product documentation tool.

The knowledge base manager comes with many advanced features like

  • Front end editing 
  • Smooth and efficient search features
  • Password protect particular topics
  • Managing who can publish, view, or edit the articles
  • Autolinking features with link suggestions for articles
  • Article version and revisioning
  • Autogenerated table of contents
  • Customizable templates
  • Article voting
  • Shortcodes & Widgets
  • User access control
  • Analytics & insights on the performance

Helpie FAQs

If you are looking for a simple FAQ plugin, then you should have a look at the Helpie FAQ plugin that can also integrate with the Helpie WP knowledge base plugin. 

Helpie FAQ is a feature-packed and free FAQ plugin for creating and managing FAQs and accordions on your WordPress website.

Download Helpie FAQ

The plugin offers a 7 Days Free Trial, then $69 for 1 site license, $99 for 5 sites license, and  $199 for 30 sites. 

Get Helpie WP Knowledge Base Software

MinervaKB: Analytics & Documentation plugin

The highlight of this knowledge base WordPress plugin is that it focuses on performance tracking and analytics as much as it does on documentation creation and management for the knowledge base.

It features a live search system for better and instantly aided search results. Moreover, there are so many options and settings for the admin to help you establish the documentation section that blends with your theme.

It comes with the most important feature that you may need for a knowledge base with access control based on user role, article, or topic. 

For generating FAQs, there’s a special module included, and it also autogenerates the table of contents. 

It integrates with the most popular WordPress services likes Elementor plugin, page builder by WPBakery, WPML for multilingual settings, supports multisite, and Google Analytics. 

The most amazing thing about this knowledge base and documentation plugin is the number of customization options you get.

The plugin can be availed at $49 for 1 site license with 6 months of support and future updates. 

Download MinervaKB

DocuPress Plugin For Documentation & Knowledge Base

Again, one of the simplest documentation plugins to enable you to build documentation with a WordPress site. The plugin is simple and doesn’t come with advanced options for high customization and managing the knowledge base. 

For basic facilities, the DocuPress documentation and FAQs plugin allows classifying your help articles into different collections. These collections can be collections for separate products, or topics, or categories. 

You can display the article lists and organize a homepage for your knowledge base, or start displaying a list of articles at different parts of your site using widgets and shortcodes.

There are widgets to display a list of articles under collections, and recent articles widget with the option to choose how many articles will be displayed, and from which collection, and a related articles widget with similar options.

Download DocuPress

Encyclopedia / Glossary / Wiki WordPress Plugin

This is a unique & best Knowledge base plugin for WordPress that allows you to maintain your knowledge base in a glossary type format. You can arrange your articles alphabetically based on the titles.

There are also options to arrange them in the format of an encyclopedia, lexicon, Wiki, dictionary, or simply as a knowledge base.

The documentation plugin comes with features to classify the items under different tags and categories and a prefix filter like in your phonebook, to let the users quickly find the resource.

It also comes with an internal crosslinking feature that will automatically link different articles so that the content is well utilized.  

This plugin is translatable and compatible with WPML for multilingual capabilities. There are many other features of this knowledge base and FAQ plugin that you can use to create awesome directory-style websites. 

The application of this plugin can be varied since it allows you to display and organize your content with unique styles. 

Download the Encyclopedia / Glossary / Wiki plugin

KB Support Knowledge Management Tool WordPress

It is a complete helpdesk plugin with a knowledge management system as well as other general support features like a ticketing system.

The idea is, there is an inbuilt knowledge base system, that will help the customers to find the answers to the queries right when submitting the support queries, and this is why it may result in a significant reduction of support tickets and provide a quick solution to the customers seeking answers. 

There are access control features and email notifications. It also supports a number of integrations with popular services like Zapier, Mailchimp, and many more.  

KBSupport is therefore a knowledge base tool integrated with a ticket system to make the whole process more efficient. This plugin is ideal for you if you are interested in a dual solution for your help desk and support. 

Download KBSupport

Knowledge Base Plugin from Unbound Studio

This is a premium WordPress knowledge base plugin that comes with classic features and capabilities to create an online knowledge base with WordPress.

It is a comparatively simpler knowledge base plugin with professional and must-have features. However, advanced features like analytics, multiple knowledge bases, and access control are not there.

  • Drag and drop knowledge base categories and posts reorder
  • Support file attachments with the articles
  • Live search support and the option to disable it
  • Breadcrumbs and custom slug support
  • Article voting with like and dislike button
  • Article List widget and Shortcode with sorting options
  • Ability to set link colors with color picker

Therefore, the knowledge base plugin is ideal for you if you want to create general and open product documentation, a company wiki, or a help center with articles on WordPress.

The knowledge base and documentation plugin can be availed at $49 for 1 site license with 6 months of support and future updates. 

Get Knowledge base plugin

Which Knowledgebase plugin is right for you?

Depending on what kind of knowledge base you want to build, and subject to who will use it, and the purpose of your knowledge base, you can choose one from the above-mentioned list of the Best knowledge base plugins for WordPress.

All of these knowledge base plugins come with detailed documentation on how you can build a knowledge base and use the internal plugin options to manage it. 

Light, Powerful and Easy to Use

If you need any help or support with our WordPress knowledge base plugin, please feel free to contact us. We are always happy to assist or listen to some useful suggestions.


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